Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Turkey, Monday June 2 Continued


I'm awake now. It’s 6am in the morning on Tuesday, and you are all probably getting ready for bed on Monday. But we opened the windows on a hot Istanbul evening last night, and the crows gave us our wakeup call early. A few mosquitoes got to Pat while the covers were off. Thus begins what will probably be a long day and a half awake before the flight. I find it increases the chances of sleeping on the plane on the way home if I’m tired.

And lest I forget my culinary reporting duties – last night I broke down amidst nibbling from a bag of dried fruit and almonds while watching TV. Frazier reruns in English, and Lost in Turkish were bringing back a craving too long postponed, so I told Pat I was going to hike over to the local McDonald’s for a chicken burger, fries, and a coke. On the way, a gentleman from Kazikstan asked me in Turkish if I'd help him find his hotel. He apologized when he heard my response in English. He said he thought I looked like I was Turkish. Guess the tourist look has worn off.

Fortunately, we had a second, smaller camera in the storage bag here in Istanbul. I retrieved it yesterday morning, and took some photos of our first day back in the city. In these last two days, we have some specific things we wanted to see. Yesterday’s sights were the Galata Tower and bridge, another mosque we had heard about, the waterfront and picnic area, the funicular tunnel, and the pedestrian walk from the tunnel to Taksin Square. Today, we’re headed to the cisterns, the Archeaological museum, the Grand Mosaics museum, and the Dolmabahce Palace.

On the plane, I’m going to try to recap the last week in three chapters: Antalya – the Latest Gold Coast; The Gullet Experience; and the Ultimate Ruin Tour Visit Design. I’ll post today’s photos tonight before we get our last night’s sleep in Turkey. Tomorrow, we fly over the pole to Chicago, and then to SF.

For a look at the day's photos, click on: Turkey Monday June 2

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