Sunday, May 24, 2009

Santa Rosa Memorial Day 2009


As a Vietnam veteran who has plenty of reason to be thankful to those who have fallen, I have often avoided attending Memorial Day celebrations. It always seems the ceremonies were too much about surviving veterans showing off their uniforms. This year, I decided to attend two ceremonies in my hometown. I missed the formal ceremony of the first and largest, complete with lots of flags and military regalia. But I did get to wonder around capturing photos of family members attending to the graves of loved ones. That's really what it's all about to me.

These photos illustrate the work and love of our hometown veterans memorialized here, beginning with a visit to the cemetery by young Jonah Feith.

The second ceremony was the dedication of a flagpole in our smaller rural cemetery, commemorating one which had flown for many years and had deteriorated. The volunteers who have maintained the cemetery dressed up in period costume of the late 1800's, and brought out pies and milk and ice cream. It was a sweet and special tribute to the small town character which has remained of Santa Rosa.

To see all of the photos I took on Memorial Day in Santa Rosa 2009, click on: Santa Rosa Memorial Day 2009


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