Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday, March 6th, Santa Rosa


Well, we made it home.  Not without some drama, as usual.  Gazing out the new Hong Kong International terminal window, we got to see smoke rising from the plane on which our baggage was being loaded.  As hundreds of other passengers watched in fear, fire engines and emergency vehicles surround the plane, hoses aimed at the location of the smoke.  It turned out to be a hydraulic line in one of the service vehicles near the plane, but it sure did excite all of us for about ten minutes.

The pilot used the jet stream to make up for the hour's delay, and we landed in San Francisco on time.  Our journey from Bangkok to Hong Kong, to SF came to a great conclusion as we boarded the Sonoma County Airporter bus for the final leg of our trip home.  Thanks much to Anne and Art Kane who met us at the Day's Inn, and drove us to our house.

The conventional wisdom says that travelers should stay up until the normal bedtime on the day you arrive after a long sleepless flight, in order to help your body readjust to the sleepwake cycles.  Pat and I tried it for a few hours, and finally fell into bed about 6pm.  It's hard for us to handle thirty hours awake, even if you have a bunch of movies and unpacking to fill the time.  We slept for about 8 hours, and woke up at 3am to read and watch some of the zillion hours of taped television shows awaiting us.  I never did get around to working on the video of the alms-giving to the monks in Laos that I was prepared to do on the flight home.   Despite having the time, equipment, and quiet space, I chose watching movies to making one.  I'll get to it this week.

A few minutes ago, I put away the MacAir.  I'm typing this on the MacPro on the couch in the bedroom in front of the television.  We now have the dilemma of having the photos from the latest travel adventure on the MacAir, the two year's on the MacPro, and the previous two year's photos on the IMac.  I'm sure I saw something in a recent MacWorld on how to easily transfer photos between each of them.  In order to improve my chances of making some good movies from the entire pool of photos, I'll be looking into how to do that.  Any good suggestions from those with experience would be appreciated.  Drop me an email at

Next adventure is Hawaii for a couple of weeks in about three weeks.  Then, it's a long spell of Sonoma County until next January when we take off for Africa for somewhere beyond six weeks.  Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar are certain.  South Africa and Namibia are hopes to include, but could easily become another trip.



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