Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday, Mar 2nd, Mount Meru Hotel


Capping our bonanza week in Tanzania, we drove from the Ngorongoro Crater, visited a coffee plantation/lodge this morning, and arrived at the Mount Meru Hotel late this afternoon.  We've had a request for a comment on the food here in East Africa, so I've asked Pat to weigh in on our lunch today, and any other meals we've had.

Hi friends!  We've had a great variety of meals here.  Many African stews, Indian curries, British deserts, and lots of fresh fruits, and veggies.  Mostly we've had buffet lines so the temptation has been to try a little of everything.  I can't say that this is "traditional fare", although we've had ugali, a main stay of East African meals: a white cornmeal polenta, which is tasty with gravies.

Now that we have stronger wifi in this large hotel in Arusha, I've been able to upload photos to both this day, and to the post on Feb 28th.  If you have time, I know you'll enjoy the many more photos on that day.  I'm including links to both of them here:  Friday,Mar2nd,MountMeruHotel and Tuesday,Feb28th, Serengeti Birthday.


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