Sunday, July 29, 2012


The Lotus above popped out today just outside our bedroom door.  Our pond surprises me periodically with sights so glorious that it makes it hard to imagine why anyone would take as many trips away from it as we do.

The answer isn't that we grow tired of home.  It's that we're still excited about learning about the rest of the world.  And the times when we can pursue family history, and meet some relatives, makes it even more fun.  That's what we're doing again next week, as we head to England, Scotland, and then back to New England.  The Lary side of my family descends from English and French royalty, and includes two of the families who arrived in America on the Mayflower.   We'll trace their paths, visit the homes, and meet some newly-found relatives.  But mostly, we'll experience the people and places of Great Britain and America's Northeast.  And spend some time with my aunt and cousin.  And we'll try to avoid the Olympic crowds and late summer vacationers.  Check back for photos and stories from along the way.


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