Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday, Jan 27th, Ika, Peru

The photographers amongst you will recognize the phenomenon when the automatic focus wants to focus on the window between you and what you really want to focus on.  That's the reason that there are too few good photos of the wonderful Nazca lines we flew over this morning.

The Astronaut
Don't get me wrong, I should have taken it off of autofocus, set it for infinity, and just took the shots.  It's a learning experience.  The ride was great, and we were completely blown away by how many figures and designs there were to see.  Our pilot was very talented, and our guide extremely knowledgeable.  The area we covered was huge, sighting figures on mountain sides and flatlands.

Afterwards, we visited a museum founded by an Italian (there all over here) containing more Nazca pottery, and then drove to a Bodega to learn how they make Pisco ( a popular brandy drunk everywhere, and made from distilled wine (we're in a plentiful grape region).

We drove to Huacachina, a public oasis surrounded by some gigantic sand dunes full of dune buggies, sand boarders, and tourists having fun.  Families and lots of young people in love were oblivious to two old people also in love.  Thank another Italian lady who promoted the resort, and helped it become a pubic treasure.

Finally, our driver (Romero) and guide (Marco) drove us across lots of uninspiring desert to the province capital city of Ika, and to Las Dunas Resort.  It's a destination resort in an upscale neighborhood in Ika, containing most everything the aspiring Peruvian family wants for the summer.  I got to play golf on a short 7-hole course, slide down an awsomely twisting water slide, and we've had two well-prepared meals.  Our room overlooks the pool and restaurant, and our deck could be reached from the first tee (if we weren't using pitching wedges, and pulled the ball). 

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