Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday, Feb 1st, Cusco, Peru


If you logged onto our blog in the last few days, and it has looked strange, you have my apologies.  But I don't think it's my fault.  Try as I have to discover why some of the photographs have been replaced with large minus signs, I can't figure it out.  At least not with the limited wifi I have, and even more limited time to sleuth it out.  Google's gatekeepers are supposed to block photographs they suspect are pirated (also music on YouTube), and I'm beginning to suspect that they aren't quite sure the ones I have been putting up are really my own.

I'd love that to be true, but as of now, it's just the best explanation I can find.  I put them u twice now, and they come down within hours.  I've put them up again, and we'll see if they leave them alone.

Today is Pat's birthday, and the group sang her happy birthday tonight at dinner.  We really are having a lot of fun with these folks.  They are all experienced travelers with very interesting personalities and lives.

After hiking up Machupicchu yesterday, we were given the morning today to hang out at the Inkaterra Lodge and take some guided walks on the grounds.  We chose an orchid walk, as the property has 372 of the 400 Peruvian orchids.

Many of them are very small, so I hope the photos allow them to be seen.  It was a great morning of non-taxing walking, and excellent learning.

At 1pm, we boarded the train to Ollantaytambo, where we caught the bus to Cusco, had dinner on Cusco's Plaza de Armas, and have now retired to the first of three welcome nights in Cusco.

To see more of the photos taken today, click on Friday, Feb 1st, Cusco.

And if you're keeping up with the blog daily, and missed the photos from yesterday's trip to Machupicchu as much as i did, you can now check them out at Thursday, Jan 31st, Machupicchu.

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