Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thursday, July 31st, Ugab Terrace Lodge, Ugab, Namibia


This morning, we drove out of Swakopmund, and up the Namibian coast.  We passed a desalination plant, providing water to the desert-parched country, and a shipwreck (one of many who underestimated the winds and storms).

We stopped at a Herero tribal crafts stop, a tribe which suffered the loss of almost three-quarters of its population in the period from 1904 - 1907 in a rebellion against the occupying German colonists and military.
We arrived late in the afternoon at the Ugab Terrace Lodge, a beautifully designed set of cliff- perched cabins with to-die-for views overlooking a long limestone mesa in front of the deck, and several tabletop plateaus down the valley.  It reminded us of Monument Valley in Arizona.

While we're only staying here one night, it was one of the most breath-taking vistas of the tour, and we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of Eugene and Susie, the managers.

To see the photos we took today, click on Thursday, July 31st, Ugab Terrace Lodge, Ugab, Namibia. 

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