Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday, April 13th, Almaty, Kazakhstan


We suspected that we'd find that our fellow travelers would be well-traveled, so we were not surprised to find many who have been to places still on our travel bucket list.  And to hear persuasive rationales why we should look further into some that were not.  It was, however, rewarding to learn that we could provide some advice to others concerning places we'd been.   And a travel blog makes that easier.

The surprise I hope isn't appearing is that Central Asia is looking like anywhere else.  While it may just be that there are limits for travel operators to connect us with more than easy and familiar sights, I fear that ours hasn't pushed very hard against the flow.  Central markets, town squares, memorial parks, museums, side shows, and highly-rated restaurants have filled our time so far.  The presence of a young local guide full of curiosity and enthusiasm has made up for destinations and content which has left my socks still firmly on.

And it may be that my attention is still back home.  You'll not be surprised to learn that I'm writing this awaiting tuning into an all-day Santa Rosa public hearing through my laptop to watch the California Coastal Commission consider allowing the California State Parks and Recreation Department to place pay parking machines along Sonoma's coast.  And that last night, I watched the Santa Rosa City Council debate the method they will utilize to select their representatives on Arts in Public Places Commission.  Clearly, I am not exhausted from many hours exploring the mysteries of the cultural history of Central Asia.

But it's only been the first full day of this adventure.  Give it time.  The exhaustion will come.

For the collection of photos taken (mostly today), click on Wednesday, April 13th.

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