Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday, February 3rd, Aberdeen, Scotland


Scotland has a Coastal Path, and we walked a small section of it today.  After a night ferry to Aberdeen, a taxi to the rental car agency (before the car was ready - we walked around town for an hour), driving the car to the hotel (before the room was ready we sat in the lobby for an hour), and then read the Scotland Lonely Planet sections on the towns coming up in the next few days.

A strong wifi, Google Earth and Street Tracker seemed to indicate trail along the coastal bluff nearby.  Pat read the news on her Mini-IPad, and I drove to the trailhead, found a good place to park (still getting used to right hand drive), and walked and photographed the section.  When finished, I returned to our hotel room, uploaded the photos, and made a pitch that we go get lunch, and then walk the trail.  Pat quickly agreed, and we headed out.

An added bonus was seeing several runs of the local commuter train running along the trail (not shown here - that's an oil delivery train).  A shiny new, three-coach express delivering north coast residents to jobs, shopping, and friends.  And very quiet.

Sunday to Durness, Monday to Isle of Skye, and Tuesday and Wednesday in Glasgow.  We fly home on Thursday.  Hope I can keep up posts along the way.  This is a beautiful country with lots of adventures, but it's also plenty of driving.

To see the photos taken today, click on Saturday, September 3rd.

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