Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4th, Tirana, Albania


An all-day drive from Dubrovnik in Croatia through Montenegro to Tirana, Albania consumed Sunday, June 3rd.  Bosco, a delightful driver and jack-of-all trades, went completely beyond the call of duty in getting us through two border crossings during the first day of local vacations, and a city (Tirana) devoid of any signage and pretty poor drivers.
Since our group is now down to the two of us, we began to miss the wonderful people we’ve been with for the last five weeks.  What perfect partners we’ve had on this adventure!  Mostly American (three Canadian), and very progressive, they all shared our passion for learning and were eager to work as a team to discover the most from each day’s experiences.  Combined with great tour guides, local guides, and drivers, we couldn’t have gotten a nicer group of travelers.
When we finally checked into the Tirana International Hotel, we received a voucher for dinner at the hotel, and a note that we’d meet our new tour guide the next morning at 9am.  At dinner, we ran into and invited to dinner the two other travelers who are joining us for this fourth leg of our journey in this part of the world.  An Art history teach from Los Angeles, and an avid archeologist and veteran Adventures Abroad participant from New York City.   Boy, are we going to have fun.

No other photos taken today.

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