Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Alesund and Sunnmore


After breakfast, we walked over to the office of the catamaran which offers a tour out to Bunde Island to see if we could get a ticket. The stormy weather has caused them to cancel their scheduled Wednesday afternoon trip. We are dissapointed, but may take a ferry out to the island tomorrow.

In order to scout out the city better, we took the city train tour. It winds its way through the various areas of the city, pointing out the important historical and architectural sights. Then it heads up to a scenic viewpoint on a hill above the city, where it stops for a few minutes for travelers to take photos of the city.

Afterward, we took a bus out to the Sunnmore Museum, east of the city. The largest museum north of Bergen and south of Tronso, featuring a combination of an excellent Norwegian boat collection and 18th century buildings, the adventure brought us sun and more (I couldn't resist).

Here is a link to all of the photos we took today: Alesund and Sunnmore

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