Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Home Again


I figured that we've had seen the sun so far for 25 hours today, and just as we were gliding over the famous Golden Gate Bridge, it shone so brightly and beautifully. Plane flights are not such things to write home about, especially those that go on forever. Oslo to Frankfurt was a two-hour up and down over the cloud-filled Skaggerak Sea. Claiming our seats, we discovered that we had the window and the center of a three-seater row (Pat loves the aisle), so it didn't look like it would be a fun flight. Thankfully, the guy on the aisle (who could have benefited from some deodorant), wanted his own row, and moved shortly after takeoff. The Frankfurt airport was a hurried affair trying to get through the system of four separate passport checks while public address announcements of our flight leaving were being broadcast. Our seats on the 10 hour flight to San Francisco were on a big 777 aircraft, on a two-seat row right where I like them - left side, just in front of the wing. We filled the time watching four and a half full movies, of the quality you'd never go and see at the movies - but good enough to keep you from going crazy not having anything else to do. No dogs under the seat, no kids crying, just a long uneventful flight.

Missing the 8pm airport express home, we hung around the airport for 90 minutes people-watching and waiting for the 9:30pm bus. It came, we rode, and our friend Barbara picked us up from the stop it made, and drove us home. It's midnight, and Pat's opened the windows, turned the hot tub back on, and poured us a glass of wine. It was a great trip, but we're glad to be back in our bed. Neither of us has anything we need to do tomorrow, and we'll just enjoy the day at the house. One thing on my mind will be to start to re-organize one of the earlier posts on this blog which details our travel plans for the future. We did decide to go to South America this winter. We've got at least three possible one-month long adventures imagined down there but we haven't decided which one to do yet.

But now it's time for bed.

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