Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gregory, Pat, and Matilda Go East


I'm typing this while sitting at the dinner table in Matilda, our Airstream RV, in the Angels Lake RV Park in Wells, Nevada. Pat is making pasta with pesto, and salad, at the sink and stove next to me. We're watching the final minutes of the Men's Marathon at the Olympics on the flat screen TV swiveled around from the entrance to the bedroom.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful afternoon and evening visiting my father and his second wife, and my brother and his wife, in Pollock Pines, California. Sharing some family genealogy information I had recently come upon, as well as returning to my father a drawing he made of Gregory Peck when I was born, were especially rewarding to me. Getting a commitment out of my brother and his wife to come over to our house soon was a close second in satisfaction.

This morning, we got up early and headed here. Nevada is never as flat as I think it is when I'm driving across it. Craggy mountains and steep grades surrounded us through most of the way, and our gas mileage barely crept above 11 miles per gallon.

Tomorrow, we're going to sprint to Rawlins, Wyoming. Utah is even flatter in my memory than Nevada, and we'll see if I'm wrong again. I did note that Rawlings altitude is 6,750 feet, so some part of the trip will be going up.

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jrbuff said...

have been anxiously awating your posts....glad to know you are on your way. playing scamble myself to try and are way too good for me, but i am getting better. if you get to laramie at dinner there is an awesome steakhouse there, can't remember the name but ask around. we stayed at a koa on the highway, just for the night--not great, but convenient. ask at the desk for name of place..located at a historical place. memory shot!!! how about biden, what do you think?