Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday August 26th, Denver


On Tuesday, Pat and I left our RV Park on the Denver Municipal Bus System (seven routes) to visit the Denver Botanical Gardens and the streets of downtown Denver. While a bit too hot at times, the buses were an energy-efficient means of travel. Their passengers were thoroughly entertaining, and the drivers were helpful and talented. We'll remember the rides.

The Gardens were also being used by the Maryland Democratic Party to host a convention luncheon, so we were joined on our walks with many who were there to select a candidate. The pathway designs, and the layout of the botanical venues, made it easy for us to get lost in the beauty and fragrance.

It was late in the afternoon when we finally got to walk the pedestrain 16th Street, and settle onto a bench in Capitol Park. The energy of the demonstrators, and the enthusiasm of those displaying their campaign materials, was impressive. The city is excited to host the DNC, and seems to have done well so far.

Today, we drove north up into Nebraska, and pulled into Lincoln about 6pm. Tomorrow's drive (Thursday) will take us into South Dakota and Minnesota, arriving finally in the vicinity of St Paul, Minnesota.

Our plan is to find a central place to park Matilda, and then use some day trips for the next week to visit my cousins, and the locations of my family. If any are reading this, know that I'm low on the email, phone, and address info - having left key document at home. Some info is on my laptop emails, so I'll be working with what I have. But feel free to comment to this post, and help us stop by while we're here if you're so inclined.

To view all of the photographs for the day, click on: Tuesday, August 26th, Denver Botantical Gardens & Downtown Convention Activities


jrbuff said...

so glad you got to enjoy denver and convention fevor. enjoyed your photos very much because i chose not to go to denver and your pics were great. sounds like you might in twin cities to welcome the GOP....what a trip, hitting both conventions.
keep having starts this weekend and all the hoopla along with it...luncheons, rallies, etc. it will be fun
stay joan

Wayne Seden said...

Always fun to follow your adventures along with your pix. Having lived in Denver for two years in the 70s it is good to see what's happening there especially with the convention going on. As you will be in both convention city you its timely to view the latest Jib Jab:
Happy cruising.