Friday, January 23, 2009

Arrival in Buenos Aires, Argentina


With her head cocked down at an angle, I knew she was only a slight shake away from consciousness. But after 24 hours of wakefullness on a flight from San Francisco to Dallas, and Dallas to Buenos Aires, I felt she needed her sleep more than a wonderful view.

Out my left window, a little before 6am, across from the eastern face of the tallest mountains in the southern hemisphere, at the mouth of the Amazon River, the sun was rising. Soon, ribbons of brown shining flat snakes looked like capillaries carrying the blood of the planet as the sun brightened their surface. It was too dark for a photograph, and I decided to tell her about it when she awoke.

After 36 hours in which we probably have gotten 1-2 hours sleep, we're now in the Lafayette Hotel sorting bags for a short flight in seven hours to visit a magnificent waterfall on the Paraguay/Argentina (Iguazu Falls). It's hot, and we're packing light, and I'm about to shave and take a shower.

Our day today was filled with arriving in Buenos Aires, checking into the hotel, and a walking tour in our neighborhood around the hotel. Dinner was at a nice restaurant which featured beef, chicken, fish, and pasta plates. Pat and I both got the Argentine beef, which was a little tough, and we'll order it rarer next time.

For a look at rest of the photos I took on the walk, click on:
Buenos Aires Photos


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