Thursday, January 22, 2009

Map of Travels in Argentina and Chile


To follow our adventures, we thought we'd show you a map of the flights in the first part. From January 23 to February 12th, we'll be following this route.

On February 12th, we fly from Santiago to Punta Arenas (on the map at the bottom of Chile) to meet a steamship in time for a four-day cruise back up to Puerto Varas, retracing the route we just flew over. Only this time, we get to see the coastline up close, and stop along the way.

On February 16th, we fly from Puerto Montt to Santiago, and then fly from Santiago north to Calama. We'll make our way from there to San Pedro de Atacama for five days in the high desert of Northern Chile. On February 21st, we fly back to Santiago, and then home.

It's 17,852 miles of flying, and 1,646 miles of sailing, and 358 road miles.

All aboard!


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