Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, September 29th, Carnac


Thanks to a hotel with an Apple IMac in the lobby, I'm able to type with more thAn one finger. You can't have everything, however. The keyboard is European, and the letters are all misplaced. Such struggles.

We've somewhat recovered from our colds, and the wonderful sunny days and balmy evenings have kept us outdoors. Perhaps a little too much, because we both got a little sunburn today. Our hotel tonight is another unbelieveable French coastal beach hotel (the Ibis Hotel on the Carnac Thalasso Spa and Resort in Carnac). We spent most of the day tracking down megalithic stones, and plan on doing some more searching tomorrow. We'll visit a local prehistoric history museum in the morning, and go for a sail across the Moriban Gulf to an island where there is a large cairn (burial tomb). Then, we end our stone searching, and head inland to the Loire Valley for chateaus and more old and gorgeous villages. I have gotten even more than I expected out of the first two weeks of our trip, and the next segment is one where there are no serious plans or expectations as we go. We'll take it one day at a time.

To see all of the photos we took today, click on:
Monday, September 29th

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