Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20th, Driving Le Perche


Pat’s family had a ritual of Sunday drives, and we’ve continued it. Yesterday, we drove west through a stretch of the Le Perche et son Parc Nature Regional that we will not see on our drive later in the month when we return from Brittany. It took us through Belleme and Allecon, and plenty of much smaller villages in these rolling green hills. We spent the most time at the Regional Park headquarters, Domaine et Manoir de Courboyer. To our disappointment, the Restaurant there was full and reservations only, but the walk through the grounds well worth it. The Percheron horses were the only we’ve seen so far, and the chateau and pond made for some very good photographs.

Upon our return to Mortagne au Perche, we went looking for an alternative to the hotel dinner, and found the village virtually closed. Tucked away, however, was a small restaurant run by a French family of Turkish ancestry which served us a gigantic plate of braised beef on bulgar wheat, salad, and French fries for about 10% of the cost of the hotel meal. It hit the spot, and we were sorry to have no room for it all.

The hotel assisted Pat in finding and making reservations for two nights at a 2-star hotel in Honfleur, and we’ll head off there tomorrow morning. The room is available at 6pm, so we’ll mosy up the 100 kilometers at a pace which should allow plenty of stops. I hope to stop in the village square before we go to try to upload this blog, and the photographs for the past two days. Yesterday, Picasa was down, and uploading not possible.

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Sun, Sep 20th

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