Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27th, Portland Waterfront


It has seemed like being a Senior Citizen has been just out of my reach. The practical side keeps eluding me as many services I use keep raising the age limit just as I approach it. Those offering Senior discounts are worried the Boomer generation is coming. What was 55 became 60, then 65. Pat alerted me long ago that we all look the same to anyone under 30. The white hair in my beard makes it easier too. But tomorrow is my 62nd birthday, and I'm going to start receiving Social Security benefits. I guess I've finally officially made it.

On the other hand, I'm living the life of an eight-year old. I go to school a few days a week for part of the day, take no tests, and don't do homework. I get to ride my bike, play games, watch television, and eat most anything I want to. Sure, there are some things that I can't do, but only because my body's reluctant. But that will change, I'm working on it.

I dream of the things that I'd like to do, of the person I want to become, and I can't see any reason why it won't happen. And you know the difference between now and when I was an eight-year old? Even though I did have an aunt around then, who was four years older, it's not the same as having a partner now whom I love with all my heart. Patricia and I get to weave our days and dreams together, and work together to share ourselves with the world. It's like the best friends we all found along the way as eight-year olds, only she and I aren't moving away anytime soon.

And talk about old friends.... now I can go about finding the ones I had along the way. It's time to see if they want to play again, without the worry of growing old. We finally made it.


ps. for some photos I took today, visit: Portland Waterfront

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