Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, February 28th, Birthday in Portland


Except for losing one of the two fobs which open the doors to the condo we're staying at (Sorry, Michelle), my birthday went outstandingly. Portland treated us to a sunny, windless day, and we took the streetcar to Washington Park and Nob Hill. Unfortunately, the local bus route within the park was not running on Sunday, and we were unable to get to the Japanese Garden, International Rose Test Garden, or other areas up the mountain. On the other hand, we saw something we probably wouldn't have thought interesting (Does the World Forestry Discovery Center sound interesting to you?). It should, because it was. Not only did I get to learn everything I wanted to know about chocolate (source and historical impact), but I got to try my hand at mechanized timber-cutting using a training simulator (I failed). The Museum has a beautiful, multi-story wooden structure featuring dozens of exhibits describing and providing interactive experiences focused on the world's forests. From tropical forest high canopy research to asian boreal siberian tiger haunts, the Center brings the environment alive.

Later, we enjoyed a great brunch near Nob Hill, and spent the afternoon browsing the shops on 23rd Avenue. Having taped the U.S.- Canada Olympic Hockey Final, we came home to raise a glass of wine, and watch our team give it their all. Sure, they lost by one point. But the world won as more people watched (or taped) the event than ever.

I've included at the head of this post a shot of some bright, bold flowers we saw along 23rd Avenue. I think we're going to have a great spring flower show this year, and this is just the first sign of it.

We fly home tomorrow, and here's the link to our last look at Portland: Streetcars and Nob Hill Flowers

Gregory and Pat

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