Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 29th, Kowloon to Hong Kong


Taking the city tour when you first get to a big new place is a smart idea.  It provides you not only with a good sense of the major tourist spots, but is an orientation to the bus and other public transportation routes to use later.  So we took the morning boat to see the coasts of Kowloon and Hong Kong on beautiful Chinese ferry.  After lunch at a dim sum restaurant in the Chinese Cultural Center, we traveled by bus under the bay to Hong Kong and visited Victoria Peak, a jewelry factory (seems to be required on these kinds of tours), drove through Repulse Bay, and ended in Stanley's Marketplace.

We are also signed up for a half-day tour tomorrow, which takes us to many more places, and should assist us to put a plan together for the use of our multi-modal transit pass for the next three days.  We're also going to a rock musical tomorrow evening at the City Hall, and to watch the light show on the Bay at dusk.

It's off to dinner on the top floor of our hotel tonight.  We're actually tired from all this touring.

Here's the link to the complete set of photos: Kowloon-Hong Kong Photos.


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