Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, January 31st, University and Tung Chung


The hotel we’ve been staying at is quite distant from the airport.  And our flight tomorrow morning to Cambodia is an early one.  So we decided to move to one which is over on Lantau Island, right next to it.  We checked out this morning, left our luggage there, and took the subway to the University.  It’s a beautiful set of three campuses built into a large hillside.  Because it’s nearly the Chinese New Year, there’s not many students around.  But we did find a student union, and listened to a great jazz rendition of “All of me”.  It was very strange to hear a 1950’s classic coming from some young Chinese musicians.

We hiked down a trail from the campus to the subway station, and returned to our hotel to pick up our luggage.  The hotel shuttle took us to the Kowloon subway station, and we took a subway route directly out to the Lantau Island town of Tung Chung. 

The last night here will probably be low key.  There’s a big shopping center next door to the hotel, and we’ll find a restaurant there.  Our meals have been pretty much the kind of food you’d expect.  Breakfasts have been among the best we’ve ever had at a hotel.  I’m enjoying having a chef on hand to prepare any kind of omlet, and then a buffet filled with six entrees, lots of vegetables, fruit, and cereals.  But it takes getting to lunch and dinner to actually eat anything which feels asian, and it’s still not that different from what you can get at a good Chinese restaurant in SF.   We’ll report more on food when we get to the countryside’s on our tours.

For a link to the few photos for today, click on: Monday's Photos



Di said...

Thanks for your travel blog, Gregory. It's great to be able to share the trip. The park grounds at the nunnery look especially wonderful.

It's sunny here in SR after two days of rain. Have a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

We'll be following your travels on your blog. Your mention of Lantau Island reminds us that our first child was conceived at the guest house of the monastery tea rooms near the top of Lantau Island many years ago before the airport left Kaitak. BTW We enjoyed your Youtube video. Stephen F-R