Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday, August 29th, Jasper, Alberta


We're sitting in a booth in a Tim Horton's in Jasper on Thursday afternoon, both of us making frozen lemonades last as long as possible to get in on their customer wifi policy.  Pat's answering emails, and I'm trying to upload two days worth of photos, and three videos produced by the new app produced by two of the founders of YouTube (Chad Hurley and Steve Chen).

At the end of this blog, I'll hopefully be able to include links to Tuesday and Wednesday's photos.  Today's photos were also great, but those will have to wait until we get to an RV Park with wifi tomorrow.

The video link is just an beginning try at an app which turns your IPod Touch, or better yet IPhone, into a video capture, editing, and online publishing system for free.  Check it out at

It appears that I just can't catch up as quickly as I want to, wifi bandwidth being so slow so far north.  We are about at the edge of reasonable access, but it's because the views are so beautiful, that I just ache not being able to show them.

We're having so much fun, and you'll here about it when we get back.  And I'll keep trying to send photos to the web.

Here's Tuesday's photos photos, Wednesday's Photos, and Thursday's photos.


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