Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday, August 30th, Clearwater, BC


Driving from Jasper, over Yellowhead Pass to Tet JeJune, and south to Clearwater, I could just hear John Denver signing Rocky Mountain High.  Fortunately, he was drowned out by Old Blind Dogs, Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, and Three Dog Night as we bid farewell to the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.   

Thoroughly immersed in the geology of the Rockies, we plunged even deeper by purchasing a huge tome at the Mount Robson Provincial Park Information Center.  I hope you'll all forgive us for gushing over with fresh knowledge of the wonders of the earth's plates and glaciers.  (Pat says "This is Gregory speaking").    It's just so fascinating to see the results up close of millions of years worth of Super Bowl mega-battles between the ground, water, and temperature.
After a night here on Dutch Lake, surrounded by Labor Day Weekend campers with oversize rigs, we'll head on a beeline to a Kamloops, and on to a Casino RV Resort in Washington.  Then another in northern Oregon, thence to Ashlund (nod to Shakespeare) for a couple of days, and then home.  

Here's the link to Friday's photos.


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