Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Google Plus Satisfaction


On the long drive home from a week at a friend's beach house in San Clemente,  I heard a commentator on the radio remind me of my love for channel surfing on television many years ago.  Nowadays, my DVR captures all that I want to watch, and I hardly ever use the remote for anything other than fast forwarding through the taped shows.

But then I got to thinking that I have an even better substitute in Google Plus.  The hundreds of posts that stream through my Home Page usually contain just enough of a teaser line to catch my interest, and the photo, video, or link to post/news article lets me explore further.  Because I choose who out there is gathering the content I see, my time is very well spent.  No filler channels, re-runs, or lousy shows to skip over.  It's easy to delete a source, and there are thousands more each day, from all over the world, trying to write for me.

And do you remember all those times you caught something special while going around the dial, and you wished there was some way you could share it with your friends?   Can you imagine how much fun it would have been to just repost it to their sets?

We boomers are supposedly entering another childhood, and this is definitely an improvement.


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