Friday, February 28, 2014

Thursday, February 27th, San Salvador, El Salvador


Goodbye, Nicaragua.  At the airport, I bought a small book containing some of Ruben Dario's poems.  I leave the country recommending some verses from "Greetings from an Optimist", written in 1907.
Renowned, productive clans, abundant blood of Hispania
Fraternal spirits, luminous souls, hail!
For the moment is coming when new hymns are to be sung
By glorious tongues.
An immense rumbling fills the atmosphere.
Magical waves of life will soon be reborn.
Forgetfulness is retreating, disappointed death is retreating.
A new kingdom is proclaimed, a happy Sibyl is dreaming.
And in Pandora's box, from which so many misfortunes emerged,
We suddenly find, talismanic, pure, laughing.

And just as divine Vergil might have described her in his verses,
The divine queen of light, of high Hope!

Who will be so small-minded as to deny that Spanish vigor has muscles,
Or to deem the Spanish soul to the wingless, blind, and maimed?
This is not Babylon or Nineveh, buried in oblivion and dust.
This is not a queen inhabiting the tomb amid mummies and stones.
But high-hearted nation, crowned with unwithered pride,
Fixing its eager gaze in the direction of the dawn.
And the same holds for the lands beyond the sea.

One and another continent, renewing the old lineages,
United is spirit, concerns, and language.
See the moment coming when new hymns are to be sung.
The Latin race will see the great dawn of the future.
And in a thunder of glorious music, millions of lips
Will greet the splendid light that will come from the East.
The august East where everything is transformed and renewed
By God's eternity, infinite activity
And thus let hope be the permanent vision within us,
Renowned productive clans, abundant blood of Hispanics.

Of course, I couldn't help but spend some time in envy watching swimmers and boogie-boarders enjoy the warm afternoon waves.  I know I've said this several times before, but I will get back out there (and you'll see it in this blog).
Our group walked out on a pier on the Pacific coast of El Salvador, where the local fishing fleet brings their catch to market.

To view all of the photos taken today, click on: Thursday, February 27th, San Salvador.

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