Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning, August 30th, Perth Botanical Garden


After breakfast at the hotel, we walked the 2.5 miles to the Perth Botanical Garden.  We had planned on catching the city bus at a stop a block from our hotel directly to the Park, and saving Pat's walking capabilities for the huge garden.  Perth's annual City to the Surf Run occurred at 8am, and bus services were suspended until noon.  So we headed in the direction of the Park, and asked the very many standing around city workers how to best get there.  We took advantage of lots of benches along the way, especially those on a staircase popularizing a famous battle on Papua New Guinea in which 1,100 Australian soldiers held off 5,000 Japanese troops in WWII.  Marking each segment of the battle, a nice bench with a description of the event has been placed at an appropriate distance up the stairs.

Fortunately, the busses began running again, and we returned back to our hotel at 3pm.  After some pain-killing drugs, we'll start to get serious about planning our next three weeks on Australia's Southwestern coast.  We bought some books on the area's birds and flowers at the Botanical Gardens, and certainly were inspired by the flowers we saw there.  Tomorrow afternoon, we'll take the city bus out to where we pick up the RV to head out of Perth.

Here's a link to the rest of the photos from Sunday, August 30th, Perth Botanical Gardens today.

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