Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday, September 1st, Jurien Bay


After our first night sleep in the RV, we drove a short way south to Yanchep National Park.  We had passed it last night, but felt we needed more time to explore it before it would close.  With kangaroos, koalas, several species of parrot, and an exciting walk around a large lake, we’re glad we waited.

Our next stop was Pinnacles National Park, an unbelievable landscape of rocks and sand that reminded us of ancient stone structures from Celtic times we’d seen in France and England. 

Tonight, we’ve settled into Jurien Bay, and are now having a pint in a local pub.  We’ll be here for another day before heading north.

Here’s a link to the photos from September 1st.

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Wayne Seden said...

Great pictures and narrative as always. Looks like the fauna, flora and weather are all cooperating. Hope the van is working out as well. Thanks for sharing your adventures.