Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday, May 21st, Yerevan, Armenia


We began the day at the Cathedral of Echmiadzin, the oldest in the world.  It's the Armenian Vatican City, built in 301AD, and holds the spear which its is said pierced the side of Crist while on the cross, the bones of John the Baptist, and a piece of Noah's Ark.

Several years ago, we were fascinated by an ancient Silk Road city we found in eastern Turkey city called Ani.  One of the largest cathedral's design was centuries ahead of anything I had ever seen.

The support columns were huge, the domes were expansive, the height mystifying, and the volume overwhelming.

Today, we visited the Zvartnots Temple just outside Yerevan.  It was designed by the same architect, in 652 AD, and was reportedly the tallest structure on earth at the time.

Though mostly destroyed by earthquakes in 930 AD, it contained the same great architectural prowess.

Returning to Yerevan, we had lunch in the City's Cascade Park,

and later visited the Armenian Genocide Museum, and the National Art and History Museum.

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Saturday, May 21st

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