Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday, May 8th, Johanna


I don't normally dedicate a post to an individual, but I'm making an exception for Johanna Mullin.  Johanna has been one of our travelers for the past month, and has added significantly to our happiness during this trip.  She's been a tireless contributor to the success of each day's journey, a source of delight and good humor, and a friend whose concern for others has been demonstrated when times got tough.

She also spent the day with us today during our break from the tours.  Walking all day through the old town of Baku, her presence made the day exactly what we needed.  It was topped off by pushing us to to going out for a perfectly wonderful dinner at a local steakhouse.  The wine toast we had was one of the best I can remember

Thank you, Johanna/

And thanks to her, you can also se photos of the inside of the museum we went to yesterday.  I'd assembled an album of the photos I took of her in the first tour, and also her contributed museum photos.  To see the photos of Johanna, and those she took inside the museum, click on:
Sunday, May 8th, Johanna

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