Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12th, Vatnajokull, Iceland


It's overcast, and we're sitting with our feet up, sipping strawberry vanilla tea and eating sandwiches we stole from the continental breakfast this morning, looking out through a large window to the tongues of three gorgeous glaciers crawling down young craggy mountain valleys.  We're spending a lazy afternoon reading and writing.

This morning, we drove to the local town (Hoft) to visit a combination visitor center/historical museum and Glacier Exhibition.  I'm always on the lookout for importable ideas to improve our own park visitor centers, and this one had some low-cost continuous video displays in cabinets, as well as some easy-to-use, very high-tech, touch screen photo/content screens.  Finally, they had integrated it all into an old wooden harbormaster building, and retained the feel of the time period.  I made sure to collect the emails of those involved.

Tomorrow, we leave the area of volcanic and glacial activity for the far north east of the country.  The coastline is reported to be equally spectacular, but we'll miss these planet-changing forces so close to us.

To see all of the photo taken today, click on: Friday, August 12.

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