Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday, August 11th, Vatnajokull, Iceland


Iceland’s wide open spaces have become the newest old west territory.  Prospectors attracted by its mountains, volcanos, glaciers, rivers, sand reefs, lagoons, ice caps, and seacoasts can be found pursuing every sport imaginable.  And like those earlier times, those supplying a place to stay, grub, and tools are experiencing a boom time. 
We're here for the same adventures, just a bit more tame physically.  Less strenuous hiking, more upscale eating and sleeping.  But just as dazzled by the environment.  Pat just put it, saying "It's so hard to put into words" how beautiful this place is.  And how powerful the natural forces around us are.  As the newest member of the planet, it's just acting out the early adult years.  And we should stay out of the way when it gets upset.

Today, we have normal wifi.  Yesterday, it was barely strong enough to send or receive email, much less photos.  In my efforts last night, I posted three blog entries.  When a friend discovered it and alerted me, I mistakenly erased the blog post that I had included in the my emails and shared messages on Facebook and Google Plus.  The result was that most of you couldn't get to the post or photos.

So I'm including the link to yesterday's photos, and to the missing post again.

And here's the link to today's photos: Thursday, August 11th,

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Zofia Dziewanowska said...

Breath taking photos and scenery... I am following your entire trip day by day and love it... Thanks for sharing......