Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday, Mar 24th, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


America is fast asleep now.  It's between 1am and 4am across the country, and we're thinking about dinner on the day you haven't had yet.  We've had a full day of news cycle of what happened yesterday.  Our Saturday is fully underway, and yours hasn't even started yet.

Let me tell you what it looks like outside.

You and Trump had another bad week.  He signed a budget bill that didn't get anything he wanted done.  You got many more fired government officials, and it looks more like Congress will lose some Republicans.

Trump declared war on the world of commerce.  And the world said "we'll get back to you".  The stock market didn't wait, and you got poorer.  Your only option now is to wait it out.  Farmers didn't fare as well, as the prices they get for everything we sell overseas went down.  Your price for everything we buy overseas went up.

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo made plans to come to new offices to defend and negotiate for us in a couple of weeks.  Offices that their predecessors have been walking around as ghosts in for months.  You won't miss out on whatever happens, because no one is really in charge.  Aides to the President report this morning that he had no daily agenda all week.

But though the rest of the world is nervous about what we're going to do, they are well and enjoying their lives.  And why not?  They wake up each morning knowing pretty much that their leaders aren't eager for war, physically or economically.   Everyone's looking at the long term, even longer than this life.

To see the few photos I took walking through the Monkey Forest this morning to get a bathing suit in Ubud, click on Saturday, Mar 24th, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.


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