Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday, Mar 28th, Singapore


Given my design for Post titles, I think that might be the shortest title I've written.  Singapore (other than the Vatican) seems to be the only city that's a country in the world.  We've been here since Monday night, and will leave on Saturday morning.  By the way, that's a MerLion statue in the first photo - half-lion, half-mermaid.

As we're on our own, we've been just figuring out the city subway, bus system, restaurants, and museums.  The Lonely Planet guide recommendations focus on the waterfront, Chinatown, and downtown.   Both the National Museum and the Asian Civilizations Museum were outstanding.  That is one of the first known statues representing the figure of a sitting Buddha, around the 2nd century AD in Gandhara,

We have tried to garner enough energy to stay out late enough to watch the waterfront light show, but have given up twice.  We can feel our age now, and staying out after dinner takes its toll.  We almost got to see hundreds of people in a Zumba class along the waterfront - but it rained them out.  Too bad, I have enjoyed the ladies at the Roseland Community Center, and would have liked to see if the dance styles are similar.

To see all of the photos taken today (not many), click on Wednesday, Mar 28th, Singapore.  

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