Monday, July 30, 2007

Bergen Aquarium and Old Town


Like two kids continuingly chasing bubbles, we got tickets on a ferry to Alesund this morning. It leaves at 8am tomorrow morning, so we’ll get up early, eat breakfast when it opens at 7am, and get our butts and bags over to the other side of the docks to get on the ferry. Four hours later, we switch to a bus, travel for four hours, and then get on another ferry for a short ride to Alesund. There is an island off the coast of Alesund that is the home of over 2 million birds, including 100,000 puffins. It's one of the places we'l visit while there, because sometimes you have to try to put our lives into perspective with others around us.

So today, we’re just finishing the items on our list that we didn’t get to yesterday. The aquarium was an interesting collection of Norwegian shore specimens (kelp, mollusks, mussels), and lots of water-filled windows into local ocean and lake fish. I actually liked the tropical section best, but only for the closeup views of snakes, lizards, and spiders. Ironically, some of them were being packaged up for shipping to the Alesund aquarium. A penguin clown performed for the crowd. Worldwide, you can’t lose by blowing bubbles.

We walked back toward the city center along the high hills above the docks. The houses on the hill, and the view from them of the city, was terrific. Just when you’ve got most cities figured out, it’s time to move on. We took the bus to Gamle (Old) Bergen, and now I understand why it wasn’t featured on any of the city brochures. It’s really just a small collection of old homes out near the entrance to the harbor, and most of them were closed for viewing. We spent more time on the bus ride out and back then we did there. We headed home to the hotel, and an afternoon of reading and resting. We've picked up several books while here. Though Pat has been much better at reading while traveling, we both could use some quiet time.

Here is a link to all of the photos we took today: Bergen Aquarium

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