Friday, July 20, 2007

Tired Feet in Copenhagen


Today's visits were to the National Museum, and then on a walking tour which incorporated most of the popular views in the downtown area. Thus, the title of this post. The National Museum was another great example of collecting and displaying a huge amount of what a country is about in a single building. The museum retained the walls of an old building, and gutted the inside to create a series of well-lighted, glass rooms which house seven unique collections describing the country's political, cultural, ethnographic, archealogical, architectural, and artistic past. It also contains some temporary exhibits on the Sami culture (northern Sweden), a toy museum, and a tasty restaurant.

We found one of the collections to be outstanding. It chronicled Danish life from 1600 to 2000, and was exhausting in its volume and detail. We had to sit down three times during that one exhibit.

After six hours of the museum, we walked across town to see some gardens near the Rosenborg Palace, and walk through an area which the city maps highlight as scenic. Pat also wanted to check out some flagship stores near the Royal Copenhagen Store.

But we're back now. I'm downstairs writing this and listening to the various guests try to negotiate better rooms, extra nights, getting in (it's booked and it's Friday night). Pat's come down after her nap, and has found out that we can store our luggage at the Ferry like last time. We'll soon be thinking of dinner.

The feet may be tired, but the spirit and the stomach are still eager.

No photos today. It was just not that photogenic.

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