Friday, July 6, 2007

A Long Couple of Flights


It's midnight on Friday, July 6th (here in Oslo), and we've checked into the Clarion Hotel. It's probably earlier for all the rest of you because we lost about 10 time zones getting here. We gained:

1. A new understanding of Pat's allergy to dogs on planes. We sat near a woman in the San Francisco Airport who was feeding her dog something in a bowl, and then packed him up in a large carry on bag when boarding began. We think she was drugging him. She ended up sitting behind Pat on the long flight, and Pat is convinced that her sneezing and other symptoms are the result.
2. An appreciation for the food and service on Lufthansa Airline, especially the pasta and spinach entre, the bounty of wine, and the breakfast eggs. They also were much more organized than the United staff at the SFO Airport. The United team had to call in to check Visa TSA security info, and the Lufthansa team scanned them against computer data in seconds.
3. A possible new interest in Japanese country and western singers. Of all the varied music offered on the headsets and videos on the flights, the most interesting and entertaining was a trio of young japanese artists who brought the house down with their harmonies, melodies, and hot talent.

But I hear Pat wrestling with semi-slumber, and my click-click-clicking on these keys may not be the best thing for her. Tomorrow, we fly to Helsinki to begin our stay in Finland. More to come when I find another wireless hotspot, and am not fighting jetlag.


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