Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9th, Puerto Varas


We're starting off with photos of last night's dinner. You don't want to see photos of tonight's (more later).

After dinner tonight, we had a group conversation on today's adventure. It wasn't that it wasn't terrific - It was. A bus ride to a catamaran across a lake to lunch and then a hike to a waterfall - with helicopter rides over volcanos and zip lines through semi-tropical forest canopies (The oldest of us did the former, we all watched the latter). Then back across the lake to a bus ride home to dinner. The sky was clear and blue, and the water was clear and blue. But we were a bit blue too, and we thought we'd talk to help us get clear as to why. We agreed that it had something to do with it being the third to last day of the tour, and that we'd just hadn't come from about ten better days than this. Today suffered from comparison, and we had the sinking feeling that it wasn't going to get better again.

As good as the final days in Santiago will be, we recommend that the whole trip be taken in the reverse order. It should start with Chile and end with Argentina. I'm sorry Chileans, but your wonders just don't compare. Building up the excitement from the really great wonders of Chile to the absolutely fantastic wonders of Argentina is the right way.

Having said that, the volcanos of Chile's coast are as spectacular as Iguazu Falls or the animals in the Pampas, or the vastness of Tierra del Fuego. As nothing is in the league with Torres del Paine, let's not bother comparing it with anything else.

But we had a great day, followed by one of the worst dinner's we've had. Good thing we had a great conversation.

For a look at today's photos, click on: Puerto Varas


Sheila P said...

Greg, Thanks so much, a successful message transmission to Glen, a knight in shining armour you are! S

Donna - Calgary said...

Hello to all!! Love your blog Gregory, I feel like I'm still travelling with you.
I thought I had better get this off to you as the group will be going their separate ways in a few days.
It was nice to get out of BA the last day, a good 1/2 day tour. It apparently had been raining in BA for several days, so we really lucked out in general with weather for the whole time in Argentina.
My trip home was uneventful (thankfully), other than my injured foot really didn't like 15 hours in the air. And yes, Gregory, you did get some good, painful pictures. Thank god you didn't follow me into the hospital as you would have had a hayday. I had forgotten the beautiful colors you get from a sprain. There is a strip of black from my heel to my little toe. Then it's black, purple and a lovely shade of pink from my little toe to my big toe!
Happy travelling to all and wishing you a safe trip home whenever that may be.

Please let Diego know that the Argentina representative took very good care of us - great company!