Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, February 8th, Puerto Varas


On Lago Llanquihue, we look out the window of our room to Mount Osorno, an extinct volcano looking very much like Mt Fugi. Several others are currently active, and one produced a 9.5 quake in the 1960's. Just down the valley is one (Chalten) which is throwing ash miles up into the air.

Another long distance day is over, and the photo collection now has several shots from out the plane window of the Chilean lakes and peaks. We're in the Lake District now, and summer is in full swing. Water-skiers, windsurfers, sailboats, and 65-degree water. We'll be dining tonight at a waterfront restaurant on salmon caught in the second largest producer in the world. Check out the blog for a photo of the fish farms from the air.

While out on the plaza before dinner, we were entertained by a family of musician-dancers. There's a photo of them performing here, and I'm going to produce a video on YouTube of them when I return. The group are called Chinchineros, and Antonio (the father) says he'll be getting a computer soon. I gave him my email, and will try to show him the video when he contacts me.

Diego has arranged for us to be picked up from the Airport in Punta Arenas, saving us time and confusion in our post-tour ferry ride up the coast, and almost guaranteeing smooth connections. For a look at the ferry website, click on:
The Ferry
The Route
The Activities
The Program

The dinner was delicious, at an Italian restaurant, and there are some photos of the selections. While I didn't get a good shot of it, the moon came up alongside the volcano at sunset out the dining room window. I'm including a phot of the volcano without the moon, but I hope to get a copy of a closeup photo with it that Glen took. I'll include it in the blog when we return. Linda has also agreed to send me some of her photos when she returns home. I'm very excited, as they are the two best photographers in the group.

To see the photos taken today, click on: Puerto Varas


Sheila P said...

Hi Gregory, This may be too late but if you see Glen tell him February 12th/ $5964.69 He doesn't seem to be receiving my e-mails not sure what going on. Thanks and Cheerio, Sheila

wseden said...

Hi Gregory and Pat:
Your commentary and photos are very enjoyable. I almost feel like we have been on the journey and need not take the trip ourselves. But then there is nothing like actually being there. See you in a week. I have picked up a couple of additions to our golf roster and we have played Bodega, Oakmont and Windsor. Off to Rooster tomorrow in between rain storms.

Anonymous said...

Greg check your email please. Its Casey