Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday, February 7th, Punta Arenas


Rheas, gauchos, condors, foxes, and the main port city of Southern Chile - Punta Arenas. We've arrived at the last port in Chile at which the cruise ships stop before going through to the Argentinian side to Ushuaia. Pat and I are actually going to fly back south to this city next Wednesday to take a bus up to Puerto Natales and begin a ferry ride north up the Southern Glacier Coast of Chile. But, for now, we're spending the night before flying north to where we'll be next Saturday when the ferry ends its journey. I know, it's confusing, and our guide is at this moment trying to make sure we can get from here to the ferry terminal in Puerto Natales in time to board the ferry. Thank God for Diego. I am so glad we aren't trying to do this ourselves. He's worth every penny.

For a look at today's photos, click on: Punta Arenas

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nancy tello said...

Good morning.. Hopefully you will make all your connections. Nope didn't rain on your B'day Pat, but started on the 4th, none yesterday but going to start again today and hopefully thru the week.. Your all take care... go easy n