Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29th, Siena


Still in the afterglow of yesterday’s almost overwhelmingly successful visit to Casa Nueva on Luigi’s 125th birthday, we set off today for Siena. Stopping in Vivo D’Orcia to take a photo of a relative’s house (we weren’t sure which one it was so we took photos of several), we then were reminded of what season it was. A beautiful field of red poppies stretched from near the roadside to the distant estate lands of picture-perfect Tuscany.

Once in Siena, we looked for the closest parking space possible to the town plaza, and soon found ourselves navigating narrow streets amidst hundreds of pedestrians before we located a space. On our way to city center, we discovered an Internet store, and Di and I checked into our email, and I posted to this blog to let all of you know we were having trouble obtaining an Internet connection while here in Abbadia San Salvatore. We had lunch in an outdoor restaurant near the plaza, and then visited the Duomo to admire the marble floor designs, and extensive façade and pulpit sculptures.

For the photo video, Click on Day Trip to Siena, and for the photos on Picasa, click on Day trip to Sienna


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