Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 31st, Lucca Italy


In 56 BC, Caeserm Crassus, and Pompey met in Lucca and agreed to rule Rome s a triumvirate. By the time of the Roman Empire's collapse, Lucca was the capital of Tuscany. Most of the architecture, and the design of the city, is based on Roman designs. Caesar wanted anyone from the rest of Europe to get to know Rome before they got there by seeing Lucca.

Ken and Dianne wanted to see Lucca because, among other reasons, it's the hometown of Frank Ragghianti the husband of Ken's aunt Ines. It worked out that we could do it on their 30th wedding anniversary, and we plan on having dinner in one of the town's many piazzas tonight after a Puccini concert in one of its spectacular churches.

To see the photos taken tody, click on Lucca on May 31st, or to view a photo video of them, click on Lucca PhotoVideo


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Laura said...

Wonderful blog!! Great photos!!
Please give Di and Ken anniversary hugs from Laura & Gary!!