Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wednesday, May 26th, Arriving in Abbadia San Salvatore

Fifteen hours after departing San Francisco, we landed in Italy and were met by Pat’s brother (Ken) and his wife (Dianne). They had arrived six days ago, and spent most of the time in Rome. Taking a taxi out to the airport, they then met us outside the baggage carousel, and we walked to the rental car offices. We would share a Ford station wagon, which had just enough room for all of our luggage in the trunk.

The drive out of the Rome airport was exciting. We always enjoy being with Ken and Di, and exploring new lands with them is a lot of fun. They both have taken some Italian language lessons on their computer, and it has proved helpful in communicating with those we've encountered here in Italy. Of course, Ken and Pat have a big head start in understanding Italian. They heard quite a bit of it around the house from their grandfather and his children.

Our stay in Abbadia San Salvatore is off to a great start. You'll see on this first photo video (Abbadia San Salvatore, and from the full set of photos on Picasa at Abbadia San Salvatore, the setting for our rental home is idyllic. The exception is the driveway, which is not friendly to those unfamiliar with stick shifts, and stall-control on steep hills. But we can't really complain. The house sits just below the town on the road up to it, and our housekeeper (the owner's mother) is a perfect hostess.


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