Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, November 19th, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum


With Aubrey Middenhall as a guide at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, we were bound to have a good time.  Four years into his volunteering there, he's exactly the kind of guide they should have.  Excited about  each tidbit of knowledge he provides, eager to get your responses and new information, and always looking for new ways to bring the desert's conditions alive for you to grasp.  Pat and I enjoyed his company very much this morning, and I found so much more to see and understand because of him.

After the tour, we were invited to the collector's room, where we salivated over five baskets (only $3900 for the set) that we being made ready for their next season's offerings.  The Gallery manager, Nancy McGaffin, explained that the recent tensions in northern Mexico have made it even harder to obtain materials like the Noe Quesada pot we decided to buy from the village of Mata Ortiz.  As usual, we'll now have to figure out where in the house to put it.

Returning home, I was pleased to have an email from my hatmaking friend, S. Grant Sergot, of Optimo Hatworks in Bisbee, Arizona.  He asked that I make sure to take a photo of myself in my new hat, and send it to him for his website.  Here are the two I sent him.

I can't decide which photo reveals me clearest, and that's probably because my personality is effected by the wearing of it.  You can't help but be aware of the impact it can make on your appearance.

And here is a link to the photos I took today: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum



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