Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, Nov 13th, Palatki Ruins


What most folks remember about Sedona are the red rocks cliffs.  Both on the way here from the north in Oak Creek Canyon, and in the various mountains where jeep tours ferry tourists, the colors abound.  The greens and yellows of the foliage stand out against the red and brown layers of rock piled up to the blue sky.  It's a palate Michaelanglo would envy.

We heard about a set of ruins northwest of the town which contains pictographs that didn't require a great deal of hiking.  One of many in the area, it wasn't hard to find.  We did get to give the Touareg a workout, though.  The road there turns gravel soon, and creekbeds and large boulders began to take their toll on the bottom of the car.  So, I raised it up 12 inches, and salivated for a water crossing.   No luck, but we felt much more secure on lots of very unmaintained roads.

Tomorrow, we'll be heading out to another set of ruins, to a meteor site, and to a volcano.  Older, older, and really old.    It all makes two 62-year olds feel very young.

Here's a link to the complete set of photos (which, with this slow wifi, are taking a very long time to load up to the internet, so there may not be a complete set by the time we go to bed tonight): Red rock cliffs and pictographs..  

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