Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday, Nov 11th, Kingman, Arizona


It's Veteran's Day (honoring 11/11/11, for those of us with memories failing). We've made it through the shakedown portion of our travel. Since we stayed at a motel in Bridgeport on Tuesday night, last night was our first night in the Airstream. First lesson: Don't forget to flip the switch on the power pole after you have hooked up the cable. Two hours after reading the many parts of the owner's manual on electrical systems, we discovered the reason we weren't getting other than 12 volt lights (powered by the batteries) was that we hadn't flipped the "on" switch.
We're beginning a journal on dumb mistakes, and fixes.

And I have to chide myself for not taking the time to stop and take photos of the Eastern coast of California on the way here. It was sooo gorgeous, with storm clouds reaching over from the Sierras, while we drove in clear sunlight admiring all of the solar arrays being built out here. We were in a hurry (can you believe we once drove from Kingman to Santa Rosa so Pat could sleep in her own bed. But that was in the days of the Volkswagon Vanagon. Our bed in the Airstream is much more comfortable.

Today, we're off to Flagstaff.


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