Sunday, September 2, 2012

Monday, September 2nd, London


Our visit today to Kew Gardens was a terrific way to end our stay in England.  Though it as our longest Underground ride, Pat and I agreed afterward that it had more than filled our quota of people-watching.  And once at the Gardens, we were amazed at the variety and volume of plants and trees there.  In particular, the Princess of Wales Conservatory rises beyond anything we've seen for its presentation of varied climate spaces and plants that survive in each.  The indoor lily and lotus ponds, as well as the ferns, displayed such color and shapeliness.

We were also surprised to see the flowering of one plant which Pat said she didn't think she would ever see.  The specialists among you will recognize it by name, though I forgot to note it at the time.  Here is a shot of it.  It had been open only for 48 hours, and we were very fortunate to see it before it died.

Tonight, we're packing, and watching a special on Darwin in our hotel room.  It's appropriate, as we saw his burial tomb in Westminster, next to Newton.   And we're headed to the Galapagos in February.

Here is a link to the photos taken today: Monday, September 2nd, London.


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