Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday, September 4th, Hudson


Hudson is a town to watch.  With only 6,000 residents, amidst a county (Columbia) of 70,000, there sure is a lot of cultural resources, good restaurants, remodeled store front buildings, and antique stores.  Several old buildings in downtown have been bought recently, and investments are flowing.  It would be a town to keep an eye on.

We did drive out to see Olana this afternoon.  It's the home (and a very impressive one at that) of Frederic Edwin Church, a noted American Painter in the 1880's.  The visit is well worth it to see how someone can design a house incorporating the best of the world's architecture into a working family house.

The clothes are washed, and we've a plan for the next week.  We'll be driving straight to Kennebunkport, Maine tomorrow, where we will be staying at the home of a friend of Kitty's.  Thursday will be the day that we head up into the Maine towns of Sherbourne, Gilead, and back south to Windham to see the graves of about a dozen of our relatives.

Friday to Sunday mid-day, we'll explore the coast around Kennebunkport, and then head to the area south of Boston.  Monday, we'll drive to Lynn, Massachusetts, and to Plymouth - where it all began with the Mayflower.  Tuesday, we fly from Boston to SF.

I'll try to take some photos, but how photogenic are gravestones?

Here is a link to the photos taken today: Tuesday, September 4th, Hudson


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