Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday, September 8th, Kennebunkport


Today was probably the last day of ancestral research, and I wish I could say it was a successful one.  There are still key questions that will need lots of followup.  And photos of gravestones, and confirmations of facts, that will need pursuing.   The most interesting sight of the day was watching the local races of the American Model Yachting Association racing at Redd's Pond in Lynn.

But Pat and Kitty were relieved when I said that tomorrow and Monday were totally free of cemeteries, old family houses, and historical societies.  We're going to a local crafts fair, on another drive through streets of big old homes, and to more excellent restaurants.  Tonight, the whole lot of us went to Arundel Wharf, located on a dock near here.  Crab, and glazed salmon, and swordfish, and shrimp/scallops.  And good New Zealand (Marlborough) Sauvignon Blanc.

Here is a link to the photos taken today: Saturday, September 8th, Kennebunkport


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